The Star of Kings, Kings Cross

Fri 26/01/2018

126 York Way, London N1 0AX
(phone: 020 7278 9708 - web: click here)

Complete this form with your name and email address and select a song you would like to perform. Don't worry if you can't decide, you can always decide what to sing on the night. Just leave the song selection blank on this case.

Please note, sign-up to sing does not necessarily grant you free entry to the event. See relevant admission details for each event.

You are allowed to select more than one song per event - but you will have to sign-up each song individually.

PLEASE NOTE, we cannot 100% guarantee you will get to sing on the night. It all depends how busy the night is. When you arrive at the venue, please let the MC know you are here and that you want sing. And we'll do our best to get you on stage ASAP :)

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